Beach Wedding Themes

The beach wedding represents a more casual take on an event that can sometimes be too formal for everyone to enjoy themselves. Consider these following theme ideas, or combine them with your own tastes, to create a beach-themed wedding that is truly representative of you and your beloved as a couple.



What’s more fun than a pirate-themed wedding? Pirates have been all the rage since the release of the movies featuring one Johnny Depp. With bottles of rum — empty or full, your choice — leather boots and fancy hats, there’s no better way to ensure that everyone involved remembers the wedding. Rocks draped in fishnets, seaweed and starfish add a natural touch. Photos can be taken in front of a pirate ship backdrop, if you wish. Finally. the happy couple themselves can dress as a pirate king and queen or a pirate and his captured hostage. There’s so many ways to have fun with this idea, you’ll never stop laughing.



Brides often wear pearls on their wedding day, but have you ever considered doing an entirely pearl-themed wedding? Not only can pearls adorn necks and wrists, but both white, pink and black variants are available. Extend the theme by including clam shell-shaped decor, which can easily hold place cards or simply serve as finishing touches. Pearls can adorn lighting fixtures, chairs and tables at the reception, too. Faux-pearls are ideal for lining the aisle and chains or sprigs of pearls can be added to the bride and bridesmaids’ bouquets.


Flip Flops

Many beach weddings occur sans footwear. However, this is a great way to show your laid back demeanor by wearing flip flop sandals, sometimes known as thongs. Couples can pose in adorable photos in their shoes and guests can even be provided with flip flops to slip into before the ceremony. Some companies even offer custom printing on flip flops, so these can become a take-home gift with the names of the lovebirds and the date of their wedding on the shoes. The straps can even be adorned with tiny seashells. The women especially will enjoy comfortable sandals, rather than painful pumps which they kick off halfway through the reception. Alternatively, you can provide your guests with tiny flip flop key-chains as parting gifts.


Simple Elegance

Sometimes simple is best, and it’s easy to pull off when you’re married by the ocean. Elegant beach weddings often include a simple flowered arch, under which the new bride and groom say “I do.” Bridesmaids can stand up in pastel colors. Sundresses are always popular, while lace variants that are a throwback to olden times are also appropriate, especially if paired with colored, lace parasols. The gentleman can wear matching ties, flowers or cummerbunds to tie the theme together.

It’s easy to pull off this look with simple hairstyles for the women. Loose braids or the inclusion of flowers or ribbons are perfect feminine touch but not so cumbersome as to require a lot of maintenance. Flowers are not only a natural accessories, but you can use them to decorate tables and chairs, too.


Casual in Khakis

Beach weddings are the perfect occasion to wear khakis. The less-stuffy wear is ideal for the sand-strewn and sometimes windy locations. Another positive is that sand and khakis match, so it’s much less obvious if the material sticks to your pants. If you’re ultra casual, you can even opt for comfortable yet tactful khaki shorts. Khakis work well with white button-down shirts, and this look will never detract from a bride in a stunning white dress, which can be more casual itself. The look helps set the tone for a beach bedding and is comfortable enough to wear during the reception, too!


Going on a Cruise

The cruise wedding theme is perfect if you’re actually headed to a cruise with your honeymoon. You can decorate tables and chairs with life preservers and similar props. Captains hats are functional items of apparel, but would also look cute as centerpieces. if you’re a fan of less traditional seating, you can arrange chairs and tables so that it appears your guests are sitting aboard life rafts.


Hula in Hawaii

Who wouldn’t want a hula wedding? Grass skirts, flowered leis and outlandish shirts are staples of this kind of wedding. Bikinis, even with coconut cups, will never be out of style. As evening falls, you can light tiki torches to light the way to an entertaining receptions. Classic Hawaiian music and drums will only add to the ambiance of your special day as well. Decor can nod to coconuts, volcanoes and, for your reception, you can have a raucous luau complete with fire dancers and roasted pork.


Sports Themes

Anyone who is active in seaside activities can appreciate a sports-themed wedding. Seaside ideas include scuba diving or surfing. Perhaps consider a fishing theme for the landlubber who enjoys spending the weekends on a dock by the lake. Real or miniature equipment for all of these sports can be used as decor. Who wouldn’t laugh if the bride and groom made their vows in scuba gear and then jumped into the ocean for a quick dip? This is the type of theme that is also suitable for sailing aficionados and water skiers. Canvas sales are a great way to decorate a large area with ease.


Seaside Refuse

Unfortunately, many of our world’s beaches are strewn with trash, but have you ever considered working that element into your wedding theme? Pieces of glasses are often worn smooth by the water, and artists will scavenge the beaches for these items. They can be crafted into jewelry for the bride and female participants or used with beads as part of centerpieces. Driftwood is perfect when you want a more natural beach-side wedding, and there’s always plenty of discarded fishnets to be found. This idea is perfect for the Eco-conscientious couple. Even if you simply want to incorporate some of these ideas into another beach theme, you can’t go wrong.

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