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We have composed a list of our most popular selling vases. This is from our sales data, and have found the following vases to be the best options for centerpieces.
5. Designer Vases
These vases don’t have a static shape. They have curves, lips, often times a bottle neck, usually round, and are offered in an abundance of colors.rose vase
Our clients typically go this route when on a tight budget. You can get some beautiful high quality vases for very cheap. A good example of this would be our 8″ rose vase. This is a very popular option being only $2.99. It

can fit a good amount of flowers. This amount will depend on the size and type of the flower, but could fit 2 dozen roses fairly easily. A slightissue you will run into with this vase is that it can be top heavy. You will need to cut the stems fairly short and don’t use flowers with big heavy blooms.
Another option from this category would be the 6.5″ gathering vase. Similar to a cylinder vase and priced only at $3.85 is another reason why this is a popular item. This vase will be less top heavy then the rose vase mentioned above, but is also more of a minimalist centerpiece option. This item will fairly easily fit 2 dozen roses.

4. Martini Vases

martivi vaseFun. Creative. Unique. Just some words to describe this option for your tables. Moderately difficult to work with if you will be placing flowers with stems in this piece. Typically our clients will fill with water (colored or not), sand, vase gems, flower blooms, fruit. This item comes in a wide range of sizes with the smallest being 12” tall and the tallest being 32”. The most popular size is the 16” martini vase. This size seems to work well on most tables. Not too big, not too small.

Tip: To keep up the martini theme, use 16” on your tables and the 32” as a floor piece in entrances, hallways, etc.

3. Bubble Bowls
Sometimes known as fishbowl vases. These are a great option for lower centerpieces. Works well with most flower types. You generally do not have to worry about this item being top heavy. This bubble bowlis another great item for a bride on a budget. Our top selling bubble bowl being the 8” is priced at $6.87. This item will range in sizes of 6” to 16”. These measurements refe how wide the item is at its widest point (where it bowls out). Sometimes our clients will actually create an aquarium as a centerpiece with these. Adding rocks/pebbles, plants, aquarium decorations are a great way to add unique centerpiece to your wedding. We recommend the use of fake or plastic fish, because accidents do happen and no one wants any fish casualties at their wedding.

2. Cube Vases
cube glass vaseThis is a steady top item for us. Brides love them, because they are affordable. Designers love them because they are easy to work with. Guests
love to take them home. We love them because they are easy to ship. This items features thick walls and thick bases. They are very durable. The shape allows you to fit a relatively good number of flowers in them. They range from 2” up to 8”. The 5”x5”x5” clear cube vase is our most popular cube, priced at $4.25 per piece. A major benefit of this item is that it is not top heavy. You can create big arrangements without the worry of it being knocked over if someone bangs the table. Which we all know can happen fairly easily at weddings that feature an open bar. We offer this item in glass and ceramic. Colors are available in clear, gold, silver, black, white, red, green, brown. Most popular material by a wide margin is glass. Most popular color is clear, with black following close behind.

1. Cylinder Vases
The most popular item with our clients for centerpieces, since we started our business. On any given day we can have 25,000+ pieces in inventory.cylinder vases This item comes in many different sizes. Heights ranging from 2” up to our tallest being 40”. Widths ranging from 2” to 8”. It can sometimes be a daunting task figuring out which size to go with. Ultimately it is up to you and the look that you want to go with, but our most popular cylinder vase is our 4” x 16”. That is a 4 inch diameter and 16 inches tall. This vase works for a number of reasons. Very affordable at $8.75 for a fairly large piece. Can fit a completely adequate arrangement in the 4” diameter and are able to feature long stems. The height seems to work with most table sizes, but most commonly used on tables with 8-10 people. Often filled up with sand, rocks or vase gems about 1/3 of the way. This adds some color and range to the centerpiece and also helps keep the flower stems in place.

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