Designing your own artificial floral arrangement

Buying a pre-made artificial floral arrangement is easy. Finding a floral arrangement that’s exactly what you want is the hard part. While you could certainly stand by a florist’s side, pointing out the flowers and accessories you would like to include, why spend extra money to have someone else’s hands put together a floral arrangement for your home or event? You don’t have to be an expert to create a beautiful arrangement yourself. You just have to follow your own tastes and your natural artistic instincts.

Starting from empty

Starting your floral arrangement is a ‘Chicken or egg?’ scenario. Which comes first, the flowers or the vase? The answer depends largely upon which feature is more important to you. Do you have a specific container in mind – like a metal box or decorative piece – that blends in with the decor of a hard-to-match room, or do you just want to create a centerpiece of roses or callas?

Whatever your top decorating concern, start there. Just keep in mind, if you choose an unique vase, like a 31.5” tower vase, it will limit some of your flower options.

colorwheelOnce you choose your vase, start choosing flowers that complement it and each other. If you need some help, consult a complementary color wheel to help with flower-pairing. Or work from the flowers to the vase, keeping in mind that white flowers look striking against dark vases, and clear vases work with any color scheme.

If you don’t know where to begin, browse floral arrangements online. You’ll get great design ideas from other people who have shared their floral works.

Filling the vase

Silk flowers are mostly beneficial due to their long lives over fresh flowers, but they also offer some decorating advantages. While stones or marbles can be used in vases with fresh flowers, they get dirty from the water and organic matter, and must be cleaned regularly. In a floral arrangement, stones or marbles used to fill vases need to be cleaned only when too much dust gathers on and between them.

For a fresh-flower look, acrylic water provides an alternative to other fillers, and, once dry, it won’t go anywhere and will need only occasional top-dusting.Silk Flower arrangement

Generally speaking, the bigger and more elaborate an arrangement is, the more expensive it will be, but that doesn’t mean you have to restrict your arrangement’s size to keep costs down. If you are looking to save, closeout items are an ideal place to get started. By sorting through low-cost items first, and working your way up the price chain, you should be able to create an arrangement exactly like you want for the fraction of the cost of visiting a florist.

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